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All the tears of Hell ( part)
Things seemed to be okay now in Gangwar but there was someone, someone in the shadow who made her comeback not long after: Raven
Urten and Starkiller finally reconciliated and they have loved each other as in the good old times, truthfully. But if there was something that reminded to Urten his old sin was his son, Wolpy. Urten wanted to forget what happened because he felt himself so guilty because of this "forbidden love" and couldnt forgive himself. One day, Snow came with some news: Raven is back and want to speak with him, face to face. Urten, not sure of the intentions of his ex-lover though, decided to go on. At this night, somewhere far away from his land, Urten was looking for Raven hoping that he would recognise her after so many years. After a moment , he noticed Raven and Raven noticed him at her turn. They nozzled each other lovingly before they even started talking."Raven, why did you left us like this?" asked Urten. "Im sorry dear, I didnt wanted things to end like this, trust me-she replied-but we should have never met each other... All I would like now is to see you one more time and possibly my son too. "Raven,although I do have some feelings for you, I love Starkiller much better than you, im sorry he said and sighed. "Its okay, I can understand it " tried Raven to chill him up. "You deserve someone much better than me, Urten, someone who would be really at your side, no matter what happens..
To be continued...
Just some OMFA fanart that i wrote, hope you like it 8D
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Hm..thx, someone at least likes it ^^ The second part will be out soon, if there will be request for it
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